MEP - NanoFab Scheduling

Process for Using Calendar to Make Schedule

  • Step 1: Create gmail account (click here). If you already have a gmail account go to step 2. 
  • Step 2: Add "mepnanofab" calendar to your google calendar.

(Click here to go to the calendar and add mepnanofab calendar using the email:

Scheduling Event

  • Choose day and time in the calendar.
  • In "what" field enter Tool name- Your name.
  • Click create event.

List of Tools

  1. CO2 Dryer
  2. Dicer
  3. DRIE
  4. LPCVD
  5. March Plasma
  6. Parylene Coater
  7. AJA Sputtering
  8. Interferometer
  9. Evaporator
  10. 18WaferEvap
  11. Dektak
  12. karl-Suss