Robotics Facilities

The UNM MEP supports a robotics research laboratory that includes the following equipment:

a. Two Barrett Technologies Whole Arm Manipulators (WAM's), mounted on IPR track.
b. Two Staubli RX-130 robots (with Adept controllers), mounted to ACI track.
c. One Staubli RX-90 robot
d. Five Barrett hands
e. A Bosch conveyor system
f. A Bar code reader
g. An electronic weight scale
h. Black and white, and color cameras, mounted to robots
i. Stereo vision with pan-tilt units
j. Vision processing systems (Matrox and ImageNation)
k. A Rotary table
l. One Shake-and-tilt table
m. An ACI Robot Transport Unit (24 foot long track for RX-130's)
n. An IPR Robot Transport Unit (5 meters long, for WAM's; can move at 8 m/sec).
o. A Cimetrix simulation system
p. Industrial tool holders
q. Parallel jaw grippers
r. A Segway transporter (research model)
s. Control computers
t. Four JR3 Force-Torque wrist sensors
u. Robotics and Automation Design and Drive System (RADDS)
v. Three K-Team Khepera II robots
w. Four Pioneer 3-AT mobile robots. Two 5-DOF arms to mount to the 3-AT platforms.
x. Two Butterfly Haptics Maglev 200™ Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interfaces

This laboratory supports research in adaptive control, robot-robot interactions, directed vision, simulation-based system realization, optimal grasp planning, trajectory generation, sorting, and mobile navigation.