Applicants for the UNM Manufacturing Engineering Program need to apply via the UNM links listed below, depending on the Domestic/International status of the Applicant. Applicants for the MEME degree need to denote degree code "339 (MEME)" on the UNM application forms, while applicants for the MEME/MBA degree need to denote degree code "339/140 (MEME/MBA)".


Applicant must have taken the old GRE within the last ten years, with a minimum score of 400 Verbal, 600 Quantitative, and 3.5 Analytical Writing. International students must take the TOEFL, with a minimum score of 550. For the new GRE (effective August 2011), applicants must have a minimum combined score of 300.

Students seeking the MEME/MBA dual-degree plan must take the GRE, but the GMAT is optional.

Applicants to MEME or MEME/MBA curriculum must have an undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science.


Application to the Manufacturing Engineering Program must be through a School of Engineering Department (ChNE, CS, ECE, or ME), and must identify degree code 339. Application forms are available from the respective department. Application to the dual-degree plan (MEME/MBA) must be through both the School of Engineering and the Anderson Schools of Management, and must identify degree code 339/140.

MEME and MEME/MBA Application DEADLINES for Domestic Students are:

  • July 30: Fall Semester
  • November 30: Spring Semester
  • April 30: Summer Session.

MEME and MEME/MBA Application DEADLINES for International Students are:

  • March 1: Fall semester
  • August 1: Spring Semester
  • January 1: Summer Session

DOMESTIC (General Graduate Admissions and Information )

INTERNATIONAL (Admissions and Information)

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants for the MSME/Mfg degree plan need to check with the departmental (ME) deadlines, which might be earlier than those listed above. In such cases, it is important that you consult individual departments and meet their specific deadline requirements.


University of New Mexico Office of International Admissions
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